Procrastination and progress

Tuesday – May 10, 2016 (12:37 am)

I’ve been thinking a lot about procrastination lately. I personally am guilty of procrastinating before I do almost everything. As I get older and my goals get larger, I’m realizing that that isn’t helpful or beneficial for my career or myself. I’m going through a pretty huge shift right now. My solar plexus chakra is opening up and I’m going through growing pains. When you’re going through spiritual energy changes these “ growing pains” are called “ascension symptoms”. It isn’t easy trying to get through your normalroutines when you’re going through these periods. You start to feel differently about things,you’re more introspective, emotional, and vulnerable. You literally are shifting mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.












Most of the time when I would procrastinate I’d be slightly annoyed but would remain until I felt ready to work (usually when I’ve wasted too much time). Now when I procrastinate, I get really angry with myself when I don’t reach the time goal I wanted to be finished with whatever it is I had to do, it just makes me feel overall bad. Me being me, I don’t like feeling that way and when I do I automatically want to do something about it so I can feel better. Now I just coach my mind when I catch myself procrastinating and try to bring my focus back and work on consistency. Right now more than ever I want to constantly be making progress, I want to stay motivated and motivate others. I want to build my endurance and ultimately have the best work ethic and time management, so that I can work + have my balance of peace.

My focus at the moment is my self- confidence, my will power and connecting with self-identity. This is the embodiment of the third chakra; I think this is the perfect time for my solar plexus to be opening, I’m young, smart, and chasing my dreams. Everything that I need is in the brightness and balance of this chakra. For anyone else going through this same change please remember to be a large part of your healing process; take care of yourself daily and pay attention to what your mind and body is telling you. Some things that have helped me are crystal healing, yoga, water, meditation, writing, mango and banana smoothies, being productive when I can’t sleep, alone time, support from my love and being creative are all the things that have been able to make me feel better since I’ve began this shift.



“Turn your anxieties and depressions into motivation to protect yourself + practice being fearless. “ – Savannah nicole


“If you don’t trust yourself , you ultimately don’t trust your universe, understand and remember that the universe’s power and knowledge is infinite so what ever you don’t know, the universe does. let go and follow your true nature.” – Savannah Nicole




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Savannah Nicole is an artist from NY who's into film, art, and spirituality. she loves to combine her love for visual art and the cosmos into everything that she creates from her paintings to her videos. savannah does free lance videography as a director, editor, and camera woman. her art embodies that of a free spirit and thats exactly what she wants to share with people all over the world; how to be free, being awake, aware and loving and understanding the universe and our connection with it as human and spiritual beings .

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