So, the internet is going absolutely nuts about Patti LaBelle and her new boo. Some might say “So what if she found love, let her be happy!!!”, others are like “Hell Naw”… But why?



 Do you see why now? Ms.LaBelle is 30 years older than her boo… Whoa… Actually, her son is only one year older than her new bae… And the son ain’t feeling this union. Can someone tell her son not to rain on his mama’s “New Attitude”!!!  This tea is hot man… But, go ahead Stella!!!!! Get yo groove back. I don’t understand why the world is so judgemental. Let her live… If it’s not your style, then it’s not your style! (SIDE NOTE: I only date guys that are 2 years younger NO MORE…) None the less I am team Patti on this.


On another note some say he might be using her for fame. While others say he wants her pie recipe lol… The internet really ain’t shit… But that theory did make me chuckle.


Anywho, the guys name is Eric Seats. He’s 41 years old, and he’s a drummer for the now 71 year old Patti… The two met a few years back while she was going through a bad break up. According to Patti he put her heart back together again… Aww…. How can we be mad at that?


I feel the heart sees no age, and no flaws. The heart just feels… If Patti is happy, then let’s find our own happiness too… Cheers to cougarville… Get em gurl?!?!


Later Beauty Queens

S. Perez Signing off…. xoxoxo


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