Overwhelming power in an underwhelming world.



Sometimes my growing pains of ascension completely take me over and blast into high waves of energy. I get super sensitive emotionally and spiritually. Most of the time I absolutely love knowing my power and being deeply connected and aware but there are times where I experience things that are maybe all too real and bothersome for me. One of my biggest struggles of life is connecting with other people frequently and being extremely introverted, I almost cannot help it. Being an introvert has a bunch of up sides to it for me but the downsides usually deal with being around crowds of people. I’ve managed to attain a good energy level when I’m around a lot of other people, not letting people drain me or send me negative vibes. What I’m facing now is being fully aware of everyone’s energy waves, seeing who’s super dense and who’s aura shines. Unfortunately being exposed to real situations and really dense minds comes with the territory.

I recently had an experience where I was in a room full of people and everyone’s energy was so low and I didn’t feel like people were in tune or connected with me. It made me feel like I wasn’t an organism of this planet, like I was existent in a completely different dimension. Being awoken comes with many beauties and reading energies and seeing auras are just one of the many things you get to experience. Although there is beauty, sometimes what you experience will make you sad or make you feel like you don’t belong. I was uncomfortable and I just wanted to hide inside of myself so I can feel connected, stimulated and not feel lost.

I’ve realized that this distracted generation has so much more to offer than what is depicted and being around unused energies full of potential does bother me because my perfect world would be to be around high frequency souls all the time and I’m not too sure that kind of world exist on this plane just yet. I am constantly battling being between two worlds; between practicing my spirituality and being a witness of today’s world, sometimes I’m either extremely empowered and in high spirits or I’m generating some melancholy vibes just wishing that things were as magical as they can be.

Whenever I start to feel this way I tend to put myself in isolation to recharge myself then work on something that makes me feel liberated and listen to a lot of music. It’s a bit of a self healing process as you grow and break down doors to who you thought you were while becoming who you’re going to be. I have to make sure that I’m always focusing on finding my balance between things and checking in with myself with every new shift and planetary alignment.

For anyone dealing with the same things, my advice to you would be to stay calm, talk with yourself and make sure that your mind is right, and if you have feels you need to let out then PLEASE do so. Feel free to feel free.

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Savannah nicole
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Savannah Nicole is an artist from NY who's into film, art, and spirituality. she loves to combine her love for visual art and the cosmos into everything that she creates from her paintings to her videos. savannah does free lance videography as a director, editor, and camera woman. her art embodies that of a free spirit and thats exactly what she wants to share with people all over the world; how to be free, being awake, aware and loving and understanding the universe and our connection with it as human and spiritual beings .

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