Another girl group has stepped into the Ladies First show and they’re hailing from Houston, Texas.

Formed on their own and mentored by Matthew Knowles, (Beyonce’s father), Blush is ready to take over the industry, even if others think it isn’t doable.

This is a first on “Ladies First”, introducing a first of it’s kind – a female group that doesn’t sing. Well not entirely. Blush is actually comprised of two rappers (Sunni & Bunni Ray) and a vocalist (Tali). Together, the trio is doing something that hasn’t been done before with the help of the mastermind behind the second biggest selling female group of all time, Destiny’s Child.

But even with the help of Mr. Knowles, the ladies understand and respect the hip hop culture. Working to make believers out of everyone is the challenge they accept whole-heartedly.

Blush came together through the digital wave: social media and meeting Matthew was just “fate” working it’s magic. Learn more about this dope group, who are involved in every aspect of their career– from writing their own music, style and above all else, setting an example for young girls out there.

Make sure you download their single “Cinderella” featuring Mystikal, the girl power anthem for all the ladies out there who are looking for their prince. (They also perform it live on the show):

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