A firecracker who reps Harlem to the core. Nicolette B is on a mission to set the bar high in the hip hop game.

As an female MC,  it’s sad to hear the same sexist realities these ladies go through being in a male dominated industry. “Be like (insert famous female rapper name),”, “ramp up your sex appeal”, “no one wants to hear bars”… the list goes on and on.


However, I’m extremely happy to see they’re not folding to the pressure and staying true to who they are and their abilities.

Nicolette, though still young in the game, is a veteran of sorts. She’s currently indie, but at the age of 15 was under Queens hip hop legend LL Cool J’s wing. He told her to come to his studio session the same day they met after hearing her freestyle, yeah, incredible. She went on tour with him, was featured on his albums and etc. Later, Nicolette worked with Dame Dash for a while on his NBC shows, had convos with Mase, the list goes on and on.


But her story runs deep – having experienced two deaths in her life that would shape her as a person completely. Her sister Olivia Brown was murdered on their block in Harlem and one of her best friends known as Hooligan, took his own life,  just this past March.


Nicolette is a fighter, a rapper, and trying to change her community in Harlem. Watch to learn more about the self proclaimed “bae God” :


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