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Happy Monday beautiful people. In my journey of sharing knowledge with you guys I want to bring you into my world of what I’m learning more about so you can learn and evolve with me. I’ve been meaning to increase my knowledge on sacred geometry and get a more broad understanding of how vital it really is to our world. So far my understanding of sacred geometry is of its relevance to life all around us including yourself.


My first taste of sacred geometry was being introduced to the golden ratio, which is an equation that creates a pattern such as the flower of life symbol. The patterns created from the golden ratio are in natures design bringing precise proportions that can carry itself into the process of art and architecture. The flower of life is one of the symbols that hold ancient and religious value. These symbols are created to depict the expression connecting all living organisms. sacred2sacred4


My studying of sacred geometry is to explore the depths of life itself and to contribute to understanding the oneness of all. I wanted to get into this to show you guys and elaborate on life’s patterns and cycles, to emphasize on the connection of all and all being one. I always talk about connection and how life naturally provides us with experiences of different cycles and patterns; there are intricate mathematical details that go into the science of all creation and repeats over and over. Sacred geometry to me is the beautiful ways that shapes perfectly overlap one another to create solid forms; it’s the art of building.


When you think about it you’ll realize that we behave like those shapes because it’s what we are made up of. Every living organism goes through its own life cycle but is infinitely connected at the same time. I think its pretty cool how everything is within one another; the universe is made up of many properties that begin from sacred geometry and the galaxies follow those patterns that the planets then copy which reflect the way that the beings on this planet operate. We all are inside of a repeating spiral of life where everything does reflect one another. I remember watching this show that talked about the nature of the universe and technology. One of the professors mentioned that the way machines are built directly follow the structure and direction of the universe to point out that the universe and the world are our ultimate inspirations.


Continuing my path I’m going to learn more about the ancient and spiritual value of each symbol and share it with you guys while connecting it to our everyday lives to become more and more aware of our world.


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Savannah Nicole is an artist from NY who's into film, art, and spirituality. she loves to combine her love for visual art and the cosmos into everything that she creates from her paintings to her videos. savannah does free lance videography as a director, editor, and camera woman. her art embodies that of a free spirit and thats exactly what she wants to share with people all over the world; how to be free, being awake, aware and loving and understanding the universe and our connection with it as human and spiritual beings .

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