Everyone thinks about the future, what they want to become and how they’ll end up. Some of us have big dreams and want to impact the world and some of us have smaller dreams but nonetheless we all have an ultimate goal in life. I’ve always said, “ We are as free as we want to be.” Our freedom is our mentality; I know that we are physically bound to our bodies in this world but our minds can take us anywhere. In this life, we need to find what we truly desire doing to contribute to our world, seeing what we have to offer just by being ourselves.

The importance of fulfilling our dreams and curiosities in life is to ultimately learn and understand who you are and what your purpose is. Growing up we’re always asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and I think it’s more than just finding a career to make money, I think its truly apart of the interconnectedness between us humans and the universe we live in. we need to experiment with different activities and tasks to find what we are good at and what we love to do; I truly believe there is something that everyone is good at and grows a passion for, we just have to find it.

I think that’s what life is about; life is a journey into your true self and connecting with your spirit. Being yourself plays a huge roll in making that connection. We all have natural instincts and reactions to the world around us, we have to let ourselves play around and explore life; seeing where we fit in and what makes us feel special. The reason why being ourselves is so vital is because when you wear your natural face and you become comfortable with who you really are it only attracts the people and things that you want and need in your life. We shouldn’t live by someone else’s standards all our lives, we have to create our own standards and live for ourselves. Making life choices should be because we want to do something and not to please other people.

Chasing your dreams is all about love and pushing yourself to the limit, really striving to accomplish any and everything on your list. Chasing your dreams won’t be easy; there are going to be huge personal challenges along the way and we are going to have to learn how to accept them as they come. Accepting challenges means that you will go the extra mile to overcome your fears and conquer the limits of your mind. Don’t think too much about everything you want to do and work yourself up, just take small steps and slowly get into the groove of things. Sometimes taking that small step is all you need to light the flame.

You have to put all your energy into working towards your dreams. In a way, let it consume your being. Live and breathe your craft, spending every moment of everyday practicing, challenging, and building for the future you. Be the person who doesn’t care about what people think of you, allow yourself to fly higher and higher everyday. Become a master at what you do by understanding the art to your craft and the world around you. No matter what it is, don’t get discouraged and keep going.


“We all want to learn how to fly someday ♥.” – savannah nicole















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Savannah nicole
Spiritual & Art Editor

Savannah Nicole is an artist from NY who's into film, art, and spirituality. she loves to combine her love for visual art and the cosmos into everything that she creates from her paintings to her videos. savannah does free lance videography as a director, editor, and camera woman. her art embodies that of a free spirit and thats exactly what she wants to share with people all over the world; how to be free, being awake, aware and loving and understanding the universe and our connection with it as human and spiritual beings .

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