happy Monday beautiful people , today’s motivation is being fearless. So many of us have large goals and want to amount to great things in our lifetimes but our fears and insecurities tend to get in the way of things and prevent us from doing the things we want but you have to understand that its really about you taking full control and eliminating the self-doubt.

Most fear comes from the unknown. Not knowing the outcome is intimidating but it doesn’t mean that you become stagnant through fear, I think one of the most unfortunate things to happen is to lack progress and growth. I don’t think any of us actually have anything to fear but more or so something to figure out. Contribute to finding ways to overcoming your fears, I find that jumping into things without thinking too much is the best way to do it; all you really need to know is if you want to do it or not. We tend to convince ourselves out of things, make excuses, and make it easy to give up when we should be pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones instead.

We shouldn’t entertain self-doubt and let it accumulate, feeding into that energy will only bring you down more so empower yourself and tell yourself that you can do it and you will find a way. Self-doubt is all in your mind and is what holds you back from reaching your full potential; you have to get into the groove of genuinely believing that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to and that’s the key, setting your mind to something and having a focus of excelling at it.

Being open to new experiences is vital to becoming fearless; it means that you aren’t afraid of something new, you aren’t afraid of change and you aren’t afraid of finding something better. Don’t take away experience and opportunity from yourself by succumbing to fear and limiting yourself and limiting your capabilities. Pretty often, I come across other artist of all trades who have incredible talents but don’t have the exposure that they need to progress all due to fear; fear of what people think and how they’ll react. In my own journey I’ve realized that the only opinion that truly matters is yours because your thoughts are you. What you think of yourself reflects in your personality and reflects in your accomplishments.

We have to stray away from thinking and feeling like we cannot accomplish something just because we haven’t done it before. Not knowing weather you can do something or not doesn’t mean that you can’t, it simply means that you are only unsure because you haven’t tried yet. We are naturally adaptable beings that depend on consistency, which is why we spend time mastering things. Mastering something, having a large task is practice and we have to practice as much as possible to be great at something, we have to put in the work to get to where we want to be and we shouldn’t limit ourselves or decide that we cannot do something.

Make a goal to yourself this year to try harder and to try new things. Tell yourself yes and be confident about it, remember that you only have to try something once to rid your fear of it. Once you get rid of fear you can ascend to higher mountains and feel free, feel unstoppable as you are. I want everyone to be fearless and show the world what you are capable of; do things with love and passion. Be honest with yourself; listen to your intuition and your spirit telling you which way to go.


“ willingness is power to overcome anything” – Savannah Nicole

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