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I have to send massive love out to KeKe Palmer for two reasons – one, all the incredible things she’s been doing and two, for being one of my very first guests on Ladies First when I first launched it.

So to have this media mogul in the making back on my show since then and seeing all of the accomplishments she’s achieved just makes me extremely proud. From landing roles on FOX’s Scream Queens, to playing Marty Maraschino on Grease LIVE! to now releasing an album. KeKe has just been going all the way up.

But, let it be known, KeKe is a grown ass woman now. If you haven’t noticed already from her sexy videos, to her sexy Instagram photos. KeKe is not the cute Akeelah The Bee girl we all once knew. But that’s what happens when you become a woman. Fortunately, her fans understand it and have been supporting her new identity versus bashing her for it. The reason behind that is because KeKe stands for something. She has a voice, she’s an inspiration, has an amazing spirit, she has high standards, a businesswoman, she’s accomplished things that people in their 40’s wish they would’ve accomplished in their careers.

Knowing all that I know about KeKe already, I was curious to know what inspired her to become who she is today. The women in her life that lead her down her path. We talk about this, the new sexy Keke and those Rotimi dating rumors that were going around. Oh and you know already know I had to do a This or That with her:



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