With me Being an introvert and being a naturally shy person, it’s always been pretty difficult for me to be comfortable around crowds of people and to allow myself to shine. As I get older I realize that being comfortable in your space and in your skin is important to your growth as a person, being comfortable with who you are allows you to go so much further in life with confidence.

I had to learn to embrace my energy and to make it work for me, to be confident and not care about how others would view me. I needed to do that in order for be to be happy, in order for me to chase my dreams and to not be taken down and taken for granted so easily by the world. I never wanted things to be handed to me. I never wanted to be something that I’m not. I just wanted to be strong mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I taught myself to always practice being in a powerful and positive state where my energy is felt and absorbed by all of those around me. I used to hide myself away from the world as much as I can and now I want to share everything that I am with the world. I always mentally prepare myself before interacting in a crowd and I build up my confidence and focus my energy on being high then work on controlling it to emanate outwards and create this gravitational pull towards myself; its like making people feel welcomed at your home but just within your natural being.

One of the places that I practice this most is at my art shows because I have to talk to lots of people and share my thoughts and visions with everyone who is curious. I find that having a topic you’re passionate about or know much of is what gives you that control you need to release your energy properly. I love to create genuine moments with people I interact with so I usually tell someone something that will inspire them and make them feel good which releases energy within them that’s high and loving so they then can reciprocate what you have given.

Understand that your energy is fully controlled by you and affected by others, you have to have your force field up and open protecting yourself from absorbing what you shouldn’t and contributing to letting your energy spread out and touch others. Don’t be afraid of being exactly who you are and allow yourself to shine and rise to your highest capabilities. Remember to build your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Believe that you are love and you’ll see light.


Much love to you all, I look forward to sharing more of my spiritual experiences with you guys. <3




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Savannah nicole
Spiritual & Art Editor

Savannah Nicole is an artist from NY who's into film, art, and spirituality. she loves to combine her love for visual art and the cosmos into everything that she creates from her paintings to her videos. savannah does free lance videography as a director, editor, and camera woman. her art embodies that of a free spirit and thats exactly what she wants to share with people all over the world; how to be free, being awake, aware and loving and understanding the universe and our connection with it as human and spiritual beings .

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