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He finally gets to me after 20 minutes. My facial expression read “pissed off”!!! So I told him he’s not getting back up until he has opened my account, and goes to print out my paperwork. He laughed, he told me I’m being difficult. He also told me if that was my “norm” he wouldn’t want to see my other side… aka the “bad side”… I laughed while giving him the side eye…


He asked me a few questions. Then we some how landed on the question of my last name. I don’t know why I got personal with him, but I told him that I’m proud of mine. It shows I am a latina, and I have my moms last name. He said that the father’s name doesn’t  matter!!! Um… “But of course it does?!?!?!” I said back… I explained that when I get married I want my husbands last name, and our kids to have it too. He said I should keep my name… “I’ll hyphen”… He smerked at that response.


He then asked “Tu eres Boriqua?” Meaning “Are you Puerto Rican?”. “Yep” I said proudly, and held my head up high!!! “And you are Dominican”… He then asked “What that means?”… “It means I peeped your pen holder buddy” he laughed again. Dominican indeed he was, and described to me how beautiful the island of Puerto Rico is… Ding, Ding, Ding!!! He travels, I like that!


Mean while he’s clicking away at his computer, setting up my account. I couldn’t help myself, but to ask him “What sign are you?”… Then I said “I bet I can guess on the first try, but give me 4 attempts”. I then blurted out “Gemini”, he said “No”. I said “Cancer” then he said “It’s Gemini” lol… I knew it!!! He acted like one. I then told him they are crazy, and the men drive me nuts. He then said “So you won’t talk to me?”… I said “Hell No” he laughed.

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“So, you wouldn’t get with me?”… Wait what?!?!?! I had to really think about what he asked. “Nope” I said calmly. He laughed again. My phone was dying, and he had a charger. “Charge my phone please!” and I handed it to him. He told me I am bossy, and I am just a little..  But being a boss is what’s gonna get my phone charged until he finshed my transaction… Lol… Shrugs…


As he continued typing my info into the system I realized all he was playing was merengue, salsa, and bachata…So I asked him if he had, any english songs… He played one… And it went back into spanish tunes… “Yep this one is fresh off the boat” I thought to myself …

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 “How long have you been in the states?” I blurted out of coureousity. “10 years” He replied. I was sooo accurate about his level of spanish. Now, I usually date men who are either black or half black. I’ve never dated a pure spanish man, especially not one with a spanish accent… However, he was an exception to the rule. I liked his accent. He has this manly spanish, street, 5th Ave, with swag fusion. A really coo dude, super laid back…

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Finally, he then got up to print my paperwork. After bringing back my paperwork, he walked me over to these new machines the bank just got in. He showed me step by step instructions… And then everyone wanted his help… Of course they did he’s freaking hot…


 So I went to his cubby, and got my jacket. As I was about to leave the bank I yelled “Bye”. He shouted from the new machines while with a client “Do you have your phone?”. “Dammnit what an idiot” I thought to myself. I looked totally corney as I looked at him, and laughed back to his cubby.

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As I go to unplug my phone from his charger I realized there was a pen, and pad on his desk. Immediately, I thought “Should I write my number down, and tell him to call me?”… Sho nuff those words became actions. I wrote my number down with a note “Call Me :)…”.



He texted me 3 hours later… Oh, and we went out on a date a day after… Gotem… Hahahaha….


Ladies, the reason why I’ve decided to share this story with you is because sometimes we get so caught up in a guy having to show that initial interest. That is faaaaaaar from the truth?!?!?! Now, should a man pursue ABSOLUTELY!!!! However, you should also make yourself available for pursuit… With that being said….


Until Next Time…



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