There’s been many firsts on Ladies First but this is one definitely at the top of the list.

Enzima was first discovered by the social media world after she took part in the #MaskOffChallenge by playing the famous flute section via her violin. From there, they couldn’t get enough of her and neither could I!

The girl who grew up on a farm in Nebraska is an innovator for the world of classical music. By merging her love for the violin and hip hop, she’s re-introducing the instrument to millennials in a way that resonates with them and it’s working. Her inquiries have been non stop, she says.

Enzima’s love for playing the violin started at a young age, but it’s her encounters with racism that really drives her to succeed via an instrument that has history going back hundreds of years. She wants to be an example and an inspiration for women of color out there who have interest in playing music in the classical world but get shaded or shut down. Don’t lose hope.

Enzima is doing a great job despite getting the side eye from the classical music world for trying to infuse the genre with hip hop.  But, it doesn’t matter because if a superstar like Beyonce has sought after you way before social media caught on, I think you’re doing something right!

Learn more about the sweet girl and talented girl who went from a farm to living in the busy city of New York, all in hopes of making her dreams come true. She has an album on the way, the Grammys on her mind and so much more:


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