It’s the holiday season, a season not only to receive but to give and in this special episode of Ladies First, I wanted to do exactly that.

During these times, we’re so caught up in the holiday madness: presents, Christmas trees, vacations, spending time with family at home, that we tend to forget those of us out there who did not and are not experiencing the same thing.


Having spoken to President & Founder of Foster Care Unplugged, Melody Centeno, it really opened up my eyes to this amazing cause that she’s brought awareness to all over the city. Foster Care Unplugged provides assistance, information, a place to feel safe, love and more for youth that are in the foster care program.

Melody and I sit down on this holiday episode of Ladies First to discuss the truths behind being in the foster care system, how it affects a child, and how we can help. Being a foster child herself, Melody’s Foster Care Unplugged program isn’t just a one and done organization – because she lived it, experienced it and has prospered from it, this program is true in every sense of the word. Needless to say, she is doing groundbreaking work out here, inspiring, motivating, which is exactly why I needed her on my show.

Aside from Melody, I also had her invite two youth in the foster care program, one who’s still in it and one who’s moved out from it. Their dream was to perform at HOT 97 so I felt like a dream maker and Santa for making their Christmas wish come too. But the surprise didn’t stop there….watch to see and please make sure you pay attention to the message we’re trying to spread with this episode for those of you who are in foster care, or those of you that are out of it…you are loved and are as special and normal as any other person out there. Don’t stop believing and making your dreams come true:


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