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17 year old native New Yorker Sophie Beem isn’t just a girl in her teens trying to make her dream come true. She’s been in the music business for many years now, having been on shows like The X Factor and now,  one of only three artists Beyonce signed to her Parkwood/Columbia label. Yes, Beyonce!


Sophie shares her experience on the hit singing competition TV show as a 13-year-old girl and why she ultimately chose to leave. Fast forward a handful of years later, and a chance encounter at one of her small showcases in NYC landed her a spot on Charlie Puth’s tour and ultimately signing with Beyonce. The whole process is still mindblowing to Sophie but you can thank her mother Christina who’s kept her grounded and supported her from the jump.


Sophie Beem is now working on an album, having just released her successful EP, Sophie Beem, featuring “Girls Will be Girls” which was put onto the Bad Moms movie soundtrack. Sky’s the limit for the singer/songwriter right here and with a mentor like Beyonce who’s done it all and seen it, I can only see her going all the way to the top.

Watch her perform one of her singles “Skyline” live in the studio and of course play This or That:



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