Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and lingerie purchases are at an all time high these next few days. Finding the perfect lingerie piece for that special night is probably at the top of a few lists. We all know you have your classic two piece which is a bra and thong or bikini. Then you have a lingerie take on a 3-piece suit with a bra, thong or bikini and a sexy garter addition, but today we are all here for the one-piece. Bodysuits are a big deal in fashion today since they came back into the mix a few seasons ago and incorporating a beautiful one into your lingerie wardrobe is truly a sexy idea.

Here are three of the hottest finds via @Journelle. Journelle is a one stop shop for all things lingerie and we could not resist featuring these beauties below.

The Perfect One-Piece for V-Day

L Agent By Agent Provocateur halter top / L Agent By Agent provocateur / Teddy lingerie

*Note: styles/colors could be sold out at the time of this posting

Picking one of these as a favorite is pretty impossible so it really comes down to one’s style or mood. If you are feeling flirty with a bit of edge (think NASTYGAL) then I suggest the pink Iana playsuit. If you are feeling sexy and chic (think TOPSHOP) then the black Idalia playsuit is your go-to. However, if you are feeling modern with a casual feel (think & Other Stories) the Gemma Teddy is the perfect option. Either way you cannot go wrong with wearing one of these on Valentine’s Day.

Which suit fits you?

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