February is a busy month! Not only is it one of the most fashionable months of the year here in New York City with NYFW approaching (September being the 2nd one), but it is super bowl season (for those of you who are into that) and of course the love holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day. That special 24 hours where you show bae love and affection (channeling a throwback Rihanna lyric here). Unlike most, I am totally anti v-day due to its cliche affiliation; however, I do understand that it is a holiday that most people get into and if you are going to celebrate the least I can do is assist you with gift options.

I personally feel that you should show your love to that special person 365 days a year and not just on one special day, but if gifting is a part of the plan for the day it should be lust worthy gifts that make the day that much sweeter. Here is our 2016 round up of options to suggest or gift yourself for this upcoming holiday.

Lust Worthy Gifts for V-Day

River Island handbag / Pandora sterling silver ring / Michael Kors holiday gift set / Alex and Ani ring / Alex and ani ring / Versace fragrance / Prada gift sets kit / Jo Malone candles candleholder / emerson place lawren / CARINE

Jewelry is the number 1 option regardless if it is a ring, bracelet or necklace. Gifting jewelry high or low, would be a tasteful and fashionable find. Perfume is always a great idea because there are a million to choose from and who doesn’t want a smell good? Suggesting an investment piece such as a tote or crossbody bag would be ideal and what girl ever said she had too many shoes? Shoes, shoes and more shoes are also good gift ideas on Valentine’s Day.

See something you like? Tell us what you want for Valentine’s Day!

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