Starting off April strong with a woman with strong bars!


3DNa’tee hails from the 3rd Ward of New Orleans and her love for her city is undeniable — so much so that the “3D” represents the streets she grew up.

Coming from a place where she experienced many obstacles in her life, the death of her father, Hurricane Katrina, everyday living, she found her outlet in music at the early age of 10.

Aside from her rough past, Na’tee continued to pour herself in her music in hopes of solidifying herself as an artist. But she’s not your everyday artist — she is a boss.


From creating her own label, to directing her music videos, to distribution deals, her own alcoholic beverage line, and now signing with All Def Digital, it’s about time Natee gets the shine she deserves.  Having caught the eye of industry icons Russell Simmons, Steve Rifkind whom she’s now working with, and at one point Timbaland, the talent this New Orleans femcee has is just raw.

She was battle rapping with male counterparts in her hometown and holding her own. Her ability to deliver punch lines that will make you go “ohhhh” can be heard in damn near every one of her songs.

But Natee’s eyes are set on a bigger picture — she eventually wants to direct films and turn her brand into an empire, very much like Queen Latifah did.  With her drive, passion, and boss lady mentality, that possibility of this dream coming into fruition is very high.


I hope the hip hop world starts putting their radar on 3D’Natee because she’s at the levels of Remy Ma when it comes to bars. Yes, it’s like that.


Her new project The Songs That Didn’t Make The Tape is available now via her website www.3dnatee.com.




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