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Along with her good sense of humor, Jen is cool.  Like down to earth, radiating positive vibes with a side of no bullshit kind of cool.  I first caught wind of Jen BKLYN by way of the magical internet waves, where I came across her web series, Ladies First, on Hot 97’s website. I thought it was rad that she was featuring up and coming female talent on a such a male heavy hip-hop platform, which I haven’t seen much of anywhere else.   Though she is use to being in front of the camera asking the questions, being an interviewee is something she is more recently getting use to but it’s clear that her ability to make strangers feel at home even when out of her element comes natural to her.   She began her journey into music and entertainment 6 years ago as an intern for Bad Boy Records, where she decided to make the most of her first hand experience in the fast pace industry and began to build a foundation of her own in the radio world.  Jen is now Hot 97’s Editor In Chief, a digital TV Host, Radio personality and the creator of We Love Ladies First, her new website (launching this February) for all things women.  She manages to wear many hats and as far as her list of growing responsibilities goes, she remains dedicated to her passion in the midst of all the chaos.  She is enthusiastic about motivating others to go after their goals and is willing to share her knowledge of the industry with her peers because she genuinely cares about culture and what she is contributing to it.  Get to know JEN BKLYN.


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